About Sharelytics

We deliver the data that drives the market

Sharelytics turns industry-savvy, car rental data into strategic, actionable analytics. As the world’s leading provider of car rental data and analytics, we track the daily performance of over half a million listings in 10,000 markets globally on Turo, Getaround, and more.

Data to Set You Apart, Insights to Keep you Ahead

Our machine learning algorithms have revolutionized the industry by deciphering true revenue potential and market demand based on booked, and not blocked, reservations. Turo hosts, fleet managers, industry, and investors all rely on Sharelytics car rental insights to optimize their listings, find lucrative opportunities, and outperform the competition.

Our Services

  • Car Rental Data

    Our flagship data & analytics service for users who want access to our detailed data, reports and analysis. It’s offered as a paid subscription. However, anyone can test it for free with our Free Trial.

  • Batch Analysis

    For users looking to analyze a large list of markets at once. You provide the list of cities and we return current rental statistics.

  • DealCheck

    For existing car rental operators or new owners looking to test the market. Quickly analyze if a specific vehicle has good car rental potential.

Who uses Sharelytics?

Anyone interested in what the going car rents are in a particular area. Most typically, people interested in car rental business such as fleet managers/owners, Turo/Getaround hosts, investors, professionals, appraisers and city orgs use Sharelytics.

How To Use Sharelytics

It’s easy! Sign up for our FREE TRIAL and use our QuickStart Guide for helpful tips!

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