While speaking with some Turo hosts over the past month I’ve been shocked that very few people are properly utilizing some of these calendar options. Wouldn’t it be nice to only receive trip requests for a week or longer for the summertime while still being able to fill your calendar with shorter-term trips in the current month?

Under 30% of hosts with multiple vehicles are utilizing the Book Instantly option. In order to increase adoption of the Book Instantly option from large-scale hosts, Turo has introduced the following calendar enhancements.

Different Trip Duration Requirements

There is nothing more irritating than someone booking a one day trip over a long holiday weekend.  You can set a minimum trip duration requirement for any data range. This is hugely useful for filling up your peak season with longer trips. Currently, I’m only accepting 3 day trips over long weekends. This will save me countless hours managing my car during the peak season and maximize my per booking value.

Advance Notice

Nothing is more troublesome than someone booking your car at the last minute and expecting the car to be fully prepared. How long does it take you to get your car ready after a booking is received? The best hosts have a car that is always prepared by having cleanings completed as soon as guest drop off. But, for the rest of us, this option is a godsend.

Under your Trip Preferences, set your Advance Notice setting that you need to prepare your car for last minute guests.

Distant Requests

How many of you have received booking requests for dates that are for over many months in the future? I know I have, and for me, it’s impossible to guarantee that my car will still be available that far in the future. Worse is when someone uses Book Instantly to book your car for the year end of 2020 and you have to cancel the booking and incur a cancellation fee.

Those problems have been solved by setting your General Availability options that allow you to only accept requests 3, 6, or 12 months into the future.