Today, we are excited to announce Benchmark, under My Vehicles DealCheck, the next step in our ongoing commitment to delivering car rental and carsharing actionable insights.

Using the My Vehicles DealCheck tool, hosts and mobility providers can now enter their Turo & Getaround listings directly in Sharelytics (simply by using listing's URL) and compare their rental’s performance head to head with a curated set of comparable vehicles.

See it in action

Benchmarking introduces tailored-to-you data that helps hosts and mobility providers answer the following questions:

How do you identify risks and opportunities within your fleet?  

Are you leaving money on the table?

How much revenue are similar Turo or Getaround listings earning?

How are comparable vehicles found?

Every time you add a vehicle in DealCheck, a set of comparable vehicles will be automatically generated.  The auto-generated set is built using up to 10 active listings that are similar to the subject vehicle.  Sharelytics looks within each vehicle's region and considers listing characteristics such as: year, make, model and more.  This is only made possible due to Sharelytics' massive data trove on every listing.

How to get started with DealCheck

Simply login to your account, enter the My Vehicles tab, and click Add Vehicle to begin.