Just as being a professional runner requires training shoes and a proper watch, being a Turo host requires some basic gear as well which will make your life as a host a little easier.

Key Vaults

This is a helpful and an essential tool which will secure your keys for quick access on the existing hitch you may have on your car.

HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault
WordLock KS-052-BK Stor-More Key Storage Box with 4 Dial, Black

The WordLock key vault can be mounted to your car handle. This lock box does not use numbers but 4 lettered words to secure your keys.

GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker will give you a peace of mind having the knowledge to know where your car is in realtime and if anything happens like a car accident.  The driving data is synced to your phone through an adapter and you can track your car via the app.  It is especially helpful to have the geofencing feature on with alerts.

Automatic Pro

OBD-II Reader

The OBD scanner allows you to track your car diagnostics. It works on all cars from 1996 and onwards. You can read & clear your Check Engine Light (CEL) & check your vehicle monitors such as O2 Sensors, Fuel Trim, Air Fuel Ratio, DPF Temp, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Fuel Pressure and more! However, the Bluetooth feature for this only works with android and windows devices.

BAFX Products BAFX3127 for Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Reader/Scanner

Vacuum & Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A portable and lightweight vacuum is good to have to be able to clean your car between rentals especially if its an easy job such as vacuuming pet hair or food crumbs. Then using the microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces.

Vacmaster Industrial Motor Wet/Dry Floor Vacuum
AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 36 Pack

A Proper Phone Mount

A phone mount will make your life easier by being able to just hook your phone to be able to use your phone’s GPS hassle-free and hands free. It’s not only nice to have but a safety feature as well so you can have your eyes on the road at all times.

Kenu Airframe Pro | Vent Car Phone Mount
Kenu Airbase Pro | Premium Car Phone Mount

Odor Eliminator

For those tough to remove and horrible odors, an odor eliminator/freshener comes in handy.

Ozium 805539 1-Piece Air Freshener & Sanitizer