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Extras, Badges, Features- these are all amenities and they are one of the few places that you can invest in your car to really make it stand out on Turo and Getaround.  We will use the term Extras in this article interchangeably as a catchall to mean these amenities.

I like to think of Extras in the 80-20 rule (the Pareto Principle).  If eighty percent of the cars have an extra, you should get that extra.  Common extras that fit this bill are: USB input, Bluetooth, Audio input, Heated seats.

If only less than twenty percent of people have an extra then it's something that you should really think about investing in because it could really differentiate your car from everybody else.

So here's an example, in Miami, FL these are some extras and their usage as a percentage of the active rentals in the market:

Sunroof - 30%
Post-trip cleaning - 21%
Prepaid Fuel - 15%
Child seat- 15%

If you can invest in some of these, it could be a great investment that's going to pay dividends down the line.

There is also the rare and unique Extra that (when well timed) can create an exceptional guest experience.  This is really dependent on time/weather/season and location.  Some examples we've seen are:

Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, chair, supplies)
Beach gear (surf board, ball, towel)
Bike racks
Portable speaker

Some of these, you may already have in your home.  So why not list it and earn more?  If you don't already have them then you'll need to survey your market and do a cost-benefit analysis.  Focus on the 80-20 rule above all else.